Rize Keychain

Rize Keychain

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Ranking 8th in Tokyo Ghoul's character popularity poll despite appearing only at the beginning of the series, Rize has shown that her ghoulish charm goes beyond the grave. Add this Rize keychain, made with quality materials, to your Tokyo Ghoul collection

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Product Description

- Rize keychain

- Rubber (attachment)
- Metal (chain)

- 2.1" x 1.25"

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About Rize Kamishiro (Tokyo Ghoul)

- Rize Kamishiro Biography by Tsunade

Name: Rize Kamishiro
Alias: Binge Eater
Species: Ghoul
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Blood Type: AB

Appearing as a slender, shy, purple-haired, attractive young woman, Rize blends perfectly in the human world. Looking ever innocent without posing any threat, Rize is actually known in the Ghoul community as 'Binge Eater' for her eating habits and voracious appetite which was a threat to the 11th and 20th ward where most of the ghouls are trying to blend in as well and due to her high profile, more Ghoul Investigators are flocking the wards.

At the beginning of the series, protagonist Ken Kaneki is shown to be highly infatuated with Rize. Rize herself find Ken attractive due to their common interests specifically in books where both Rize and Ken were known to be reading Sen Takatsuki's 'The Black Goat's Egg'. The other thing that Rize found more attractive in Ken more than anything else was that she thought that Ken looks especially delicious. Thus, Rize decided that she will eat Ken.

Using her attractive looks, Rize was easily able to set up Ken for a date with her. Rize managed to manipulate Ken and the two of them ended up in a deserted alley where Rize reveals to Ken that she is a Ghoul and that she is going to kill him. Ken tried to escape but Rize was able to fatally wound Ken in the abdomen. Fortunately for Ken, a pile of steel frame above the alley buildings dropped on Rize just right before she was to deliver the finishing blow. Rize was crushed to death and Ken was hospitalized.