Tokyo Ghoul – Naki Figure in a Ball Chain

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From the Tokyo Ghoul series, Naki is the equally twisted right-hand man of Yamori, an executive of the feared Aogiri Tree. He is well-known for his suave appearance and white suit that he is never seen without. Own a piece of Tokyo Ghoul memorabilia with this Naki ball chain mini figurine.

One of the six 2nd edition set of Aoshima Tokyo Ghoul figurines that features other characters such as Ken Kaneki, Ayato Kirishima, Shuu Tsukiyama and Kishou Arima. Collect all six!


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Product Description

- Naki ball chain
- Leg stand

- 1.75" x 1"

Additional Information

Weight 0.015 kg

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Naki(Tokyo Ghoul)

- Naki Bio by Tsunade

Name: Naki
Age: 18
Birthday: 28 January
Height: 173cm
Weight: 65kg
Blood type: B
Gender: Male
Species: Ghoul
Affiliation: Aogiri, White Suits

Naki is a minor character from the popular anime and manga series, Tokyo Ghoul. He is a ghoul that was imprisoned in the ghoul detention centre of the 23rd Ward called 'Cochlea', which is owned by the Commission of Counter Ghoul or CCG. He was rescued by the Aogiri Tree and is the direct underling of Yakumo Oomori aka Yamori. Personality-wise, Naki has always been confident about himself and his strength. Like his boss, Yamori, he has a twisted mindset; though not as bad as Yamori's.

Appearance wise ,he has a blonde hair that is brushed back and is often seen wearing a white suit and dark blue undershirt. Prior to the start of the main story, he was living in the 13th Ward and was soundly beaten by Yamori after Naki challenged him to a fight without knowing who they were. After losing the battle, Naki begged Yamori to be allowed to call him his 'Big Bro' and to follow him around. Yamori took on Naki as his underling and began training him. Eventually, Naki learned Yamori's ways, imitating him and running his errands for him and risen up the Aogiri Tree's ranks. Now an executive of the Aogiri Tree, he has his own gang known as the White Suits.