Tokyo Ghoul – Kishou Arima Figure Ball Chain

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Kishou Arima is the number one Ghoul Investigator from the Tokyo Ghoul series. He is undefeated in battle and is feared and admired by Ghouls and Investigators alike. Add to your Tokyo Ghoul collectible this ball chain featuring the popular Arima. One of six of the Aoshima SD Figure Swing set 2nd edition that features other Tokyo Ghoul characters such as Ken Kaneki, Naki, Shuu Tsukiyama and Ayato Kirishima.


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Product Description

- Kishou Arima ball chain
- Leg stand

- 1.75" x 1"

Additional Information

Weight 0.015 kg

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Kishou Arima(Tokyo Ghoul)

- Kishou Arima Bio by Tsunade

Name: Kishou Arima
Alias: Reaper
Age: 28
Birthday: 20 December
Height: 180cm
Weight: 82kg
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Affiliation: CCG

Kishou Arima is a major character from the anime and manga series, Tokyo Ghoul. He is the premier Ghoul Investigator under the Special Class ranking and is famous for his nickname, Reaper. His reputation as 'Death God' is well-known in the Ghoul community as well due to his superior investigative and combat skills that hasn't failed him even once. In his youth, Arima was already hailed as a genius within the CCG and was personally selected by the chairman of the CCG to be promoted. He was able to do undercover work when he was younger, posing as a transfer student to find and eliminate there Ghoul Lantern.

Appearance-wise, Arima is a tall and well-built man in his twenties. He had dark blue hair when he was younger but now has a full head of white hair. He is always seen wearing glasses and his default expression is that of boredom. Like any other Ghoul Investigator, he wears a suit and tie with a white overcoat. Personality-wise, Arima is known for his cool and calm demeanour. He is always composed even when facing seemingly insurmountable predicaments. Arima is also very calculative when it comes to exterminating Ghouls. With his natural talent, combined with his hobby of Ghoul hunting, he has an undefeated streak and is the best of the CCG.