Tokyo Ghoul – Ken Kaneki Figure (Anteiku Waiter) Ball Chain

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The main protagonist of Tokyo Ghoul, Ken Kaneki is a half-human/half-ghoul that is a student/waiter by day and a full-time ghoul at night. Our featured product is Ken Kaneki in his Anteiku uniform, part of the 2nd edition Aoshima mini figurines that features other Tokyo Ghoul characters such as Kishou Arima, Shuu Tsukishima, Naki and Ayato Kirishima. Collect them all!

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Product Description

- Ken Kaneki Anteiku Waiter ball chain
- Leg stand

- 1.75" x 1"

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Ken Kaneki(Tokyo Ghoul)

- Ken Kaneki Bio by Tsunade

Name: Ken Kaneki
Alias: Centipede
Age: 18
Birthday: 20 December
Height: 169cm
Weight: 55kg
Blood type: AB
Occupation: Student,part-time waiter
Gender: Male
Species: Human/Ghoul
Affiliation: Anteiku

Ken Kaneki is the main protagonist of the Tokyo Ghoul series. He is half-human/half-ghoul, and in the current story timeline, Tokyo Ghoul:re, he is 23 years old and goes by the name, Haise Sasaki. As Haise Sasaki, he is a First Class ranked Ghoul Investigator working for the Commission of Counter Ghoul or CCG. In the current timeframe, he has lost all his memories of ever being Ken Kaneki but as the story progresses, he is slowly regaining his past knowledge.

Appearance-wise, Ken Kaneki is an average-build young man. He originally had black hair but it was turned white after suffering a brutal torture session from the sadistic Yakumo Oomori aka Yamori, an executive of the Aogiri Tree. As a waiter at Anteiku, he wore an eyepatch over his left eye as he was not able to control his Kakugan at that time. Currently, he appears completely human after being subdued by the CCG.

At the beginning of the original Tokyo Ghoul story, he was 18-years old studying Japanese Literature at Kamii University. He seems to be a boring teenager until he met Rize Kamishiro, a ghoul called 'Binge Eater' by the CCG. After going on a date together, Ken was nearly eaten by Rize but was saved by bunch of steel beams that fell on top of the ghoul. Sent to the hospital because he was dying from his injuries, Ken was transplanted Rize's organs, to save him and as a result, Ken himself became a ghoul.