Kaneki Ken Mask Inspired Gloves

Kaneki Ken Mask Inspired Gloves

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From one of the hottest animes of this generation, Tokyo Ghoul. Enjoy putting on this wonderfully constructed Kaneki Ken's mask inspired gloves to keep your hand safe from friction or just to wear something truly unique. Made with quality grade leather complete with intricate design details such as the plastic teeth and metal zipper.

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Product Description

- One pair of identical Kaneki Ken inspired gloves.

- Leather (glove)
- Plastic (teeth)
- Metal (zipper)

- 7.5" x 5.5"

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About Kaneki Ken (Tokyo Ghoul)

- Kaneki Ken Biography by Tsunade

Name: Kaneki Ken
Birthday: 20 December
Height: 169cm
Weight: 55kg
Gender: Male
Species: Human/Ghou;
Alias: Centipede/Eyepatch

The main protagonist of the anime/manga, Tokyo Ghoul. Kaneki Ken is an an undergraduate from Kamii University studying Japanese Literature. Kaneki is known to be a simple person with a shy and reserved personality although he exhibits other admirable traits such as selflessness and compassion which often leads to his misfortunes. Kaneki grew up with his mother after losing his father at the age of 4. Kaneki and his mother lived together with his aunt afterwards and at the tender age of 10, Kaneki lost his mother as well. His mother died from the stress of overworking after being hounded for money by his own aunt. Thus, Kaneki never really felt close to his real relatives.

The circumstances in which Kaneki gained his ghoul side along with ghoul powers are almost comical. It started when Kaneki and his best friend Hide was listening to news about ghoul attacks at their district of 20th Ward at the coffee shop, Anteiku. Kaneki's other reason for being there was to check out his crush, the ghoul disguised as human named Rize. Using Kaneki's crush on her as a leverage, Rize arrange the two of them to have a date.

During their supposed 'date', Kaneki and Rize ended up alone at an isolated alley. Normally considered to be a fortunate event for the guy, this circumstance was the complete opposite of being 'lucky'. Rize cornered Kaneki and revealed herself to be a ghoul and that she is going to devour Kaneki. Powerless against the female ghoul, Kaneki was wounded in the abdomen but thankfully, there's a pile of contruction materials in the building on top of them and at that moment, a pile of steel bars fell and crushed Rize, killing the ghoul.

Kaneki soon found himself in the hospital, already awake after his operation. Dr Akihiro Kanou operated on Kaneki using organs from Rize's own body. As a result, Kaneki acquired Rize's ghoul eye on his right eye along with a ghoul's personality and traits. Thus, Kaneki begins his life as a half-human half-ghoul.