Kaneki Ken Full Mask Cosplay

Kaneki Ken Tokyo Ghoul Mask Cosplay

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Known as the half-human half-ghoul called 'eyepatch', Kaneki is a student by day and a full-time ghoul at night. This cosplay mask is the real deal; made with breathable synthetic leather, the half-face mask covers from your nose bridge up to your collarbone. The eyepatch, which is separate, securely attaches to the mask with a small unobstructive hook so you can 'hunt' comfortably.

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Product Description

- Free size Ken Kaneki Hunting Mask (Full length; nose bridge to neck) with velcro adjustment - Eye patch with a tiny hook to attach to the mask

- Synthetic leather
- Velcro

Length = 17.5" x 18.25"

Additional Information

Weight 0.65 kg

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About Kaneki Ken (Tokyo Ghoul)

- Kaneki Ken Biography by Tsunade

Name: Ken Kaneki
Alias: Eyepatch / Centipede
Age: 19
Birthday: 20 December
Species: Human / Ghoul
Height: 169cm
Weight: 55kg

Known for as either 'Eyepatch' or 'Centipede', Ken Kaneki is the main protagonist of Tokyo Ghoul. Born as a human, Ken was just an ordinary high school student. His hobby is reading, and is considered as a shy and quiet guy. Kaneki is shown to be gentle, helpful and just an overall nice guy.

Things got interesting for Ken when Rize, a female ghoul posing as a human, lured Ken into a 'date' with her. Using Ken's crush on her as leverage, Rize cornered Ken into an alley and started to devour Ken. Fortunately for him, the construction on top of them fell on Rize, crushing the ghoul to death.

Ken was brought to the hospital and was operated on. Upon waking up, Ken noticed that his left eye is different. Rize's organs were actually used to revive Ken in the operation. At this point, Ken realized that he has inherited Rize's ghoul powers and behaviour.

Ken was extremely reluctant to become a full-fledged ghoul. Instead, he opted to pose as a normal human to keep his human social life intact. He was taken into Anteiku, a coffee shop run by ghouls, and he works there as a part-time waiter.

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