Kaneki Ken Face Mask

Kaneki Ken Face Mask

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Cosplay as the one-eyed ghoul, Ken Kaneki with this detailed face mask made with breatheable synthetic leather that is both comfortable to use and easy to attach with its ear straps.

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Product Description

Free size (Fits most adult face)

- Leather (General)
- Plastic (Teeth)
- Metal (zip of the mouth)

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About Ken Kaneki (Tokyo Ghoul)

- Ken Kaneki Biography by Tsunade

Ken Kaneki is known to be a shy person. Somewhat of an introvert, his only real best friend is Hideyoshi Nagachika. With his mother's personality and influence, Ken is gentle and extremely protective of others' well-being to the point that he'd rather take harm and punishment for them.

At the beginning of the story, Ken was just a regular university student. He developed a crush on Rize, a ghoul working at the coffee shop, Anteiku. Shortly after, he was arranged to go on a date with Rize with the ghoul's intention to devour Ken. Ken and Rize found themselves in an alley and this was where things got ugly for Ken. Rize tried to eat Ken alive and even managed to wound him but a pile of construction materials dropped on top of Rize, killing her instantly.

With Ken on the brink of death, he was transported to the emergency room of Kanou General Hospital and was operated on by Dr. Akihiro Kanou. Upon waking up, he realized that he has been transplanted with some of Rize's organs, most prominently, her left eye. After awhile, Ken discovers that he has inherited some of Rize's powers and abilities, as well as some of a ghoul's mannerisms.