Tokyo Ghoul – Kaneki Ken Figure (Eye Patch Masked) Ball Chain – Limited Edition

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Ken Kaneki is the main protagonist of the Tokyo Ghoul series. He is half-human and half-ghoul by accident and has earned the nickname 'Eyepatch' due to the eyepatch that he wears to cover his ghoul eye. Add to your Tokyo Ghoul collection this limited edition Ken Kaneki ball chain mini figurine, part of Aoshima's 2nd edition of the SD Tokyo Ghoul collection that also features other Characters such as Kishou Arima, Shuu Tsukiyama, Ayato Kirishima and Naki.

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Product Description

- Masked Ken Kaneki Limited Edition ball chain
- Leg stand

- 1.75" x 1"

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Ken Kaneki(Tokyo Ghoul)

- Ken Kaneki Bio by Tsunade

Name: Ken Kaneki
Alias: Centipede
Age: 18
Birthday: 20 December
Height: 169cm
Weight: 55kg
Blood type: AB
Occupation: Student,part-time waiter
Gender: Male
Species: Human/Ghoul
Affiliation: Anteiku

Ken Kaneki is the protagonist of the Tokyo Ghoul and Tokyo Ghoul:re anime and manga series. He was 18-years-old at the beginning of the series, living in the 20th Ward and studying Japanese Literature at Kamii University. He is a quiet individual and his closest friend is called Hide. One day, the two of them went to Anteiku, the popular coffee shop, to catch a glimpse of Ken's new crush, Rize Kamishiro. After Hide left, Ken managed to arrange a date with Rize but unbeknownst to him, Rize is actually a powerful ghoul nicknamed 'Gourmet'. As the two hit it off on their first and last date ever, they found a similarity between them due to their interest in literature. Unfortunately for Ken, Rize still wants to eat him and as they enter a deserted alley, Rize nearly killed Ken but was unable to after a pile of steel beams fell on top of her.

In critical condition, Ken was rushed off to the ICU of the nearby hospital. Dying due to internal organ failure, the doctor in charge transplanted Rize's still functioning organs to the unconscious Ken, in order to save his life. Upon waking up, Ken was greeted with his left ghoul eye and the inability to consume normal human food. Horrified, he found himself at a loss. Being unable to comprehend his predicament, he found solace at Anteiku after the owner took him on and offered to teach him how to survive and pose as a normal human being.