Hinami Keychain

Hinami Keychain

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Why is it that always the innocent kids are on the end of a bad predicament? Fortunately for 13 year old Hinami, she is bestfriends with the main protagonists of Tokyo Ghoul; Ken Kaneki and Touka Kirishima, and is pretty strong herself. Add this Hinami keychain, made of durable materials, to your Tokyo Ghoul memorabilia.

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Product Description

- Hinami keychain

- Rubber(attachment)
- Metal(chain)

- 2.5"x1.5"

Additional Information

Weight 0.029 kg

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Hinami Fueguchi Bio (Tokyo Ghoul)

- Hinami Fueguchi Biography by Tsunade

Name: Hinami Fueguchi
Age: 14
Birthday: 21 May
Alias: Daughter Ghoul
Gender: Female
Height: 148cm
Weight: 40kg
Blood type: AB

Hinami Fueguchi is from the popular anime series, Tokyo Ghoul. Known only as number 745 or Daughter Ghoul from the Ghoul Hunters' files, she is still under investigations and they are unsuccessful in killing her. Hinami was 13 years old at the beginning of the series and has short neck-length brown hair and brown eyes. Before the series' timeskip, she was only known as 'Daughter', wearing her butterfly dress and coat. Since then she is under disguise to hide herself from the CCG.

Hinami is known to be gentle and kind child. She has a passion for learning and reading books(a hobby she shares with main protagonist Ken Kaneki). Hinami's first appearance in the series was when she, together with her mother, Ryouko, appeared at the Ghoul-run coffee shop, Anteiku. For being unable to hunt for human meat, they went to Anteiku for help. This was Hinami's first encounter with Kaneki whom she thought had a strange smell.

Ken Kaneki and Hinami properly introduced each other and Kaneki explained that his smell is due to him being a half-human Ghoul. Together they discussed about Sen Takatsuki's books, developing a brother-sister relationship.

As a Ghoul, Hinami is stronger than most. She inherited two Kagune from her father and mother. She has far-surpassed both her parents in terms of strength early on. However, her one weakness is that she is a peaceful person, not really willing to engage in combat.