Ghoul's Gas Mask (Cosplay)

Ghoul’s Gas Mask (Cosplay)

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From the uber-popular anime, Tokyo Ghoul. Cosplay as one of the Ghouls. Whether baddie or goodie, this Gas-Mask will add a percentage of swag in your costume. Made with durable rubber and plastic. The dual faux-respirators are removable and the head strap is ultra comfortable!

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Product Description

- Mock dual respirator gas
- Mask

- Plastic
- Rubber (interior)

- 6.5"x5"

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About Ghouls(Tokyo Ghoul)

- Ghouls Biography by Tsunade

From the crazy popular anime series; Tokyo Ghoul. Ghouls, in part, form the main storyline. They are carnivorous, only able to digest human meat or other Ghoul's flesh. The main protagonist of the series is Ken Kaneki. Originally a full-fledged human, Kaneki was transformed into a half-ghoul, struggling to fit into human society. At the beginning of the series, Kaneki went out on a date with a binge-eating Ghoul, Rize Kamishiro. After a roller coaster event, Rize ended up dead and Kaneki hospitalized. Rize's organs were transplanted unto Kaneki, effectively turning him into a half-human, half-ghoul.

Appearance-wise, Ghouls are similar in appearance to humans. Their main difference is their diets; Ghouls are unable to consume human food. Ghouls have a digestive enzymes that does not allow them to digest human food and forcing it down their bodies effectively weakens them, making them throw up. This is how a Ghoul is usually identified. However, they are able to consume water and coffee just like humans. Average Ghouls are able to survive for up to 2 months without consumption of human flesh although some of them prefer to consume (binge-eat). An example is Rize Kamishiro who was famous for it.

The main advantage of Ghouls over humans are their incredible strength and healing abilities that far surpasses any human. Any Ghoul can outperform any human in terms of strength; they can jump several meters, hit harder and even pierce through a human body using only their bare hands. Their regenerative abilites are also far superior than humans. They can heal flesh woulds within seconds and even if they are seriously injured, they are able to recover on their own within a few days, provided they have adequate food supply.

One known weakness of the Ghouls is if they are forced to digest normal human food. Their physical condition will rapidly deteriorate, allowing the attacker a chance to deal a finishing blow which will otherwise be deflected due to their superior reflexes and high body strength.