Tokyo Ghoul – Ayato Kirishima Figure Ball Chain

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From the Tokyo Ghoul series, Ayato Kirishima is the baby brother of female protagonist, Touka Kirishima and he is an executive of the Aogiri Tree. Our featured ball chain character is Ayato in his usual stylish attire and stern facial expression.

One of six of the Aoshima SD Swing set 2nd edition that features other Tokyo Ghoul characters such as Kishou Arima, Ken Kaneki, Shuu Tsukiyama and Naki. Collect all six (and collect the 5 from Volume 1 too)!

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Product Description

- Ayato Kirishima ball chain
- Leg stand

- 1.75" x 1"

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Ayato Kirishima(Tokyo Ghoul)

- Ayato Kirishima Bio by Tsunade

Name: Ayato Kirishima
Alias: Black Rabbit
Age: 14
Birthday: 4 July
Height: 159cm
Weight: 49kg
Blood type: O
Gender: Male
Species: Ghoul
Affiliation: Aogiri Tree

Ayato Kirishima is a secondary character from the manga/anime series, Tokyo Ghoul. He is the younger brother of Touka Kirishima and he goes by the allies of Black Rabbit due to his hunting mask which he intentionally copied from Touka so that the Ghoul Investigators would hunt him instead of his sister. Like Touka, he was from the 20th Ward and is known for his abilities as a Ghoul, bringing chaos and wreckage wherever he went. Being raised by their father, he was generally peaceful and kind towards humans but after their father's death and the predicament they suffered, his perspective towards humanity totally changed and thinks that humans are evil and couldn't be trusted.

Appearance-wise, Ayato is a young man with a small built frame, blue messy hair with matching blue eyes. He looks a lot like his sister and both have the same rebellious image. He frequently wears a hoodie black jacket and black pants and wears a rabbit-like mask for his hunting. Personality-wise, Ayato is known for being arrogant and hot blooded, similar to his sister. Ayato has the habit of kicking people over petty mistakes and he strongly believes in the notion that 'the weak perish and the strong survive'.