Tiger and Bunny Fire Emblem Chess Piece

Tiger and Bunny Fire Emblem Chess Piece

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Flashy and flamboyant, Fire Emblem is a great personality of his own! With his famous racecar at the back, and even flames flickering around him, Fire Emblem puts on his famous pose with pouted lips showing off his lipstick. Collect all 6 chess pieces for a complete set!

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Height: 3.54"

- Plastic

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Introduction to Fire Emblem (Tiger and Bunny)

- Fire Emblem Bio by Tsunade

Name: Nathan Seymour
Hero Name: Fire Emblem
Gender: Male (or Gender-free, by his own definitions)
Hair Color: Pink
Eye Color: Pink

Easily recognized for his flamboyant looks and flirtatious personality, Nathan Seymour takes on the Hero persona Fire Emblem. The owner of his sponsor company 'Helios Energy', Fire Emblem is equipped with a race car which he has shown to be able to maneuveur with great ease thanks to his fantastic driving skills.

Flashy in both his normal wear and Hero Suit, Nathan thinks of himself as gender-free though he does remind one of 'okama' with his largely pink clothes and make-up. His Hero Suit is in tints of red, orange and yellow to resemble flames, coupled with a dramatic cloak that falls down to his ankles and resembles burning flames (though this can be switched off). He is no less a head-turner in his civilian clothes, with his hot pink hair, white lipstick and nail polish.

Fire Emblem is an obvious doseiaisha (homosexual), liking to flirt with the male heroes, his constant target being Kotetsu Kaburagi. He often offers to 'sleep beside' the former, and even tries to get physically intimate with him! He also uses suggestive ways of speaking to the males, such as offering them a kiss when they succeed in a mission. His personal nickname for Bunny is 'Handsome'.

Usually preferring to hang around females as he considers himself one of them, Nathan only shows his male side when he experiences extreme anger or surprise, which causes him to lose control of his 'female' voice.

Having a good control over his NEXT powers, Fire Emblem can generate and control fire with much ease, even when increasing the level of fire. He has the ability to handle fire as if it were a solid object. With a simple flick of his pinky, he can call up a fire stream, which is considerably a fast power activation!

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