Sky High Chess Piece

Sky High Chess Piece

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Arigatou! Soshite… Arigato! Meet the dramatic, big-hearted hero Sky High! Lifting up his hands in the familiar pose (and his famous catchphrase in the background), he is surrounded by transparent wind gusts for more impact! Collect all 6 chess pieces for the best effect of a full collection!

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Height: 3.54"

- Plastic

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Introduction to Sky High (Tiger and Bunny)

- Sky High Bio by Tsunade

Name: Keith Goodman
Hero Name: Sky High
Nickname: King of Heroes / Wind Wizard
Gender: Male
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue

Quite a stereotypical description of a hero, Keith Goodman has blonde hair, blue eyes, and flashes a pearly-white set of teeth with his smile. Not surprisingly, he is a crowd favourite and the most popular one in Sternbild at the moment, having won the "King of Heroes" title for the last season. While he is known to be very polite and proper with a big heart, it has been suggested that he is somewhat of a himbo in spite of his good intentions. His catchphrase "Thank you... and again, Thank You" shows his good intentions to say his thanks. but making him sound a little silly at the same time!

Being known as 'Sky High', Keith's hero suit includes a jetpack which allows him to fly and manuveur his way through the air. His powers allow him to create wind gusts and manipulate them, such as saving falling victims by 'catching' them with this wind (in episode 1). He is proven to be able to call up even stronger and bigger bodies of wind in various forms.

While he holds the correct Hero attitude of wanting to protect the city, sometimes we question if he is able to do so. Over confident at times, Sky High has seen quite embarrassing moments, such as being knocked out cold and chained to the side of a building by Jake Martinez, who he claims to be able to defeat in a short period of time. When Barnaby Brooks Jr. manages to dethrone him from the King of Heroes seat, he falls into depression.

During this time, he falls in love with a woman he randomly meets in the park, convinced she is a NEXT. Her few words to him gives him motivation and he builds up his hurt ego once again. When an android attacks the city and cannot be defeated by both Wild Tiger and Bunny, Sky High steps in and destroys it, unaware that this was actually the woman he had fallen in love with. So it seems he is stereotypical to the end, complete with a tragic love story.

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