Kotetsu Kaburagi Chess Piece

Kotetsu Kaburagi Chess Piece

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Meet Kotetsu Kaburagi, with his devil-may-care attitude! In his iconic outfit and perfectly-trimmed goatee, Kotetsu pulls off a suave smile with skyscrapers looming in the background. This chess pieces has a half f the tower, that joins up perfectly with the Barnaby chess piece on the other side. Collect all 6 pieces for a full set!

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Product Description

Height: 3.54"

- Plastic

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Weight 0.5 kg

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Kotetsu's Fading Powers and Presence (Tiger and Bunny)

- Kotetsu Kubaragi Bio by Tsunade

While getting along for the initial Wild Tiger and Bunny team was almost impossible, the two started to enjoy a better relationship and trust as time passed. This gave them a rise in popularity among the masses. However, Kotetsu starts to sense something wrong when his NEXT power seems to gain a boost in strength, and also runs out before the usual 5 minute time limit.

Upon consulting with his old boss Ben Jackson, Kotetsu realises his powers are in fact running out, and he might lose his job as a Hero. After going through a long thought process and visiting his family in his hometown, Kotetsu finally decides to resign, though not knowing how to break the news to Barnaby. Unfortunately, Barnaby finds out about this by accident- by overhearing a phonecall between Kaede and his partner. Feeling hurt and mistrusted, Barnaby gets into an argument with him and runs away. Kotetsu is unable to locate Barnaby and misplaces his trust in Maverick, who alters the memories of those around him and pins a murder on his name.

Kotetsu becomes a fugitive, and all the other heroes come after him with the task of apprehending him. In exasperation, Kotetsu realises that none of his old colleagues and friends remember who he is, and attempts to bring up past events to jog their memories- to no avail. To worsen his situation, a fake Wild Tiger pops up and Maverick removes the original Wild Tiger from the Apollon database. Kotetsu finally realises Maverick had been the mastermind all this time, and attempts to change this game around by donning his first and original Wild Tiger suit.

Kotetsu tries using intimate secrets of his old friends to prove his identity, but all fails until Kaede, his wife shows up. Thankfully, she had copied the Memory Implantation power from Maverick earlier, and successfully uses this to restore their original memories. However, Barnaby turns up a second too late, as Kaede had lost this power by then. This leads to a final battle on the bridge, where Barnaby shows no chance to the man he believes to have killed his nanny Samantha. With that strong hatred coming from Barnaby, we would have thought all is lost had Kotetsu not been pushed to tears and called him "Bunny" before the final blow- waking Barnaby up from his false memories.

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