Kotetsu and Barnaby Hero Suits Notebook

Kotetsu and Barnaby Hero Suits Notebook

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This diary features the First Hero Tag Team, Wild Tiger and Bunny! Kotetsu and Barnaby in both their casual and Hero forms grace the front cover of this handy diary in its convenient size. The back cover also features other heroes that have appeared in the series!

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Product Description

Width: 4.9"
Length: 7.3"

- Paper And High Quality Thick board

Other details
No. of pages: 160

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The First Hero Team (Tiger and Bunny)

- Information on The First Hero Team by Tsunade

The First Hero Team is made up of Kotetsu T. Kaburagi (aka Wild Tiger) and Barnaby Brooks Jr. (aka Bunny) in the fictional Sternbild City (modelled after the real New York City). In this city, some individuals who have somehow obtained superpowers known as NEXT choose to become costumes superheroes donning uniforms on a popular reality show known as Hero TV. A pair with huge personality and even lifestyle contrasts, the two are pulled together which results in a huge clash of views and methods of battle.

Barnaby first appears when he saves Wild Tiger who falls due to exceeding his five-minute power time limit. He then reveals his face to the crowd. While Barnaby is the type to plan and use strategies more than brute force, the rather impulsive Kotetsu is the direct opposite. Even in terms of age, Kotetsu is in his late 30s compared to Barnaby, who is 23. Their life experiences thus differ greatly, though a similar point is both have some sort of family issues. Barnaby was orphaned at a young age when his parents got assassinated, which caused him to have a vengeance against the killer, while Kotetsu wife passed away at a young age, leaving him with a daughter that he loves dearly but does not have much time for.

Despite having such different personalities and views, the two prove that opposites do (eventually) attract as they soon grow to work increasingly well with each other. They both possess the same NEXT ability, Hundred Power, and Barnaby works with his kicks while Kotetsu on his punches. Their differences make up for each other's shortcomings, and they have gotten close to the point of knowing what the other wants to say.

Kotetsu, inspired by his childhood idol Mr. Legend, has a personal principle that his powers can only be used while saving people. While Barnaby is initially a cold, aloof character who becomes a hero just for Hero Points, fame, and his revenge, his icy exterior is melted away by the passionate Kotetsu and he starts showing more concern and care for those around him, learning to respect Kotetsu for his principles.