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Quite rightly nicknamed the “King of Heroes”, the cool and handsome Barnaby Brooks is featured on this pink and gray colour scheme cushion! His face portrait is featured on one side, and the silhouette of his Hero Suit paired with a short write-up on the other. With its small size, this cushion is great for bringing on trips, or sneaking into class for the much-needed snooze!

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Length: 9.8"
Height: 17.7"


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Weight 1 kg

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Introduction to Barnaby Brooks (Tiger and Bunny)

- Kotetsu T. Kaburagi Bio by Tsunade

A rookie hero who was made to pair with veteran and notorious hero Kotetsu Kaburagi, Barnaby Brooks Jr. is the current top-notch hero bestowed the title "King of Heroes". Due to his good looks and cool demeanour, he is popular with the public and does not conceal his secret identity. He has the same NEXT ability as his partner, which is the Hundred Power. However, their fighting style is very different as he uses his brain more than brute force, unlike the destructive Kotetsu who often rushes impulsively into things.

Starting out in this hero career only because he wanted points and the fame that came with it, Barnaby soon warmed up and saw more meaning in being a hero after working with Kotetsu for a period of time. While he does have a rather aloof exterior, Barnaby is not a cruel person, and is in fact caring. This is shown in his attitude towards his nanny who has taken care of him since the assassination of his parents. While he used to fight a lot with Kotetsu, this has lessened and they learnt to work very well together.

When he was just 4, Barnaby had to put up with the trauma of his parents death, and even caught a glance of the murderer. This gave him emotional breakdowns and instability even when he grew up, which was worsened when Albert Maverick implanted false memories into his mind. Maverick is in fact an old friend of the Brooks, and took Barnaby in from the orphanage. He is also the President of Apollon Media, the company in charge of Hero TV, who later turns out to be the antagonist of the series.

Barnaby enrolled into Hero Academy to become a hero, and also investigated Ouroboros, a large terrorist organization which has mysterious origins and he suspected has connections to his parents' death. His Hundred Power allows him to increase his physical capabilities to a hundred for periods of 5 minutes. He requires hour-long breaks in between each usage of this power. With his speed and agility, Barnaby is highly skilled with his kicks.

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