Barnaby Brooks Jr. Hero Suit Chess Piece

Barnaby Brooks Jr. Hero Suit Chess Piece

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Fans of Barnaby Brooks Jr. would love this chess piece of him in his Hero Suit! With tall skyscrapers in the backdrop, Barnaby seems to pop out with his dramatic pose. Collect all 6 designs for a complete set!

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Height: 3.54"

- Plastic

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Things You Didn't Know about Barnaby Brooks Jr. (Tiger and Bunny)

- Barnaby Brooks Jr. Bio by Tsunade

Everyone should be rather familiar with this cool and handsome hero, one half of the First Hero Tag Team together with Kotetsu Kaburagi! Behind his longish blonde wavy hair and good looks, he has a tragic story of the assassination of his parents. But what else do we not know about this tragic hero?

While his spectacles give him the attractive look of intelligence, it is definitely not a novelty as Barnaby is in fact very short-sighted. The hero suit he dons automatically corrects this problem, but in civilian wear, he actually owns 5 pairs of the exact same glasses! His 'unkempt' looking tresses are not an out-of-bed look it seems to be- the vain Barnaby visits a hair stylist fortnightly to get them in shape.

Somewhat like Iron Man of the Marvel series, Barnaby has parents that were both into robotics, that might have influenced his use of a mechanical suit. Also, his identity is no secret from the public, just like the famous Tony Stark. In fact, Barnaby might have chosen to become a Hero, but a robotics engineer had the assassination not happened. As a Hero though, Barnaby seems like a natural as he in fact enjoys interviews and photoshoots! His cute nickname 'Bunny' given by his partner Kotetsu is both a wordplay on his name, as well as the two extensions on his helmet resembling bunny ears.

Other quirks he has includes using an electric toothbrush (probably an extension of his love for mechanics), having to drink a glass of milk before he goes to bed, and leaving his favourite food to the last. Barnaby also has an interest in aromatherapy, as he feels it helps him to relax! His favourite foods are noted to be cabbage rolls and beef stroganoff, while rose wine tops his list of alcoholic drinks.

While these information bites of Barnaby might be random- it takes a true fan to want to know everything about their hero, doesn't it?

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