Barnaby Brooks Jr. Chess Piece

Barnaby Brooks Jr. Chess Piece

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Collect this intricately-crafted figurine of the cool Barnaby Brooks Jr.! Made to join up with the Kotetsu chess piece of this same collection, half the Justice Tower stands tall in the background. Collect all 6 chess pieces of this collection for a full set!

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Height: 3.54"

- Plastic

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Weight 0.5 kg

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Barnaby and his Mistaken Memories (Tiger and Bunny)

- Barnaby Brooks Jr. Bio by Tsunade

Having been orphaned when he was just 4, Barnaby has a secret wish to find his parents' assassin and avenge them. Linking the murder to Ouroboros, a huge and secretive terrorist organization, Barnaby has been investigating them for a long time. Having caught a glimpse of the murderer as a child and remembering that he has the Ouroboros tattoo on his right hand, Barnaby identifies a man from the criminal databases- Jake Martinez. Pinning down the man's location in prison, Barnaby planned to meet him, but his plans were stalled when two Ouroburos members threatened to attack the city if Jake was not released. Barnaby is quick to suspect him as the killer, but they find out after defeating him that he is not the real killer.

Interrogating Jake Martinez's girlfriend Kriem, Barnaby realises how big Ouroboros is and that Jake does not actually have the Ouroboros tattoo on his right hand and is thus, not the true murderer. Trying hard to recall the glimpse he got of the murderer's face, Barnaby sees flashes of random people he knows and reaches a heightened state of confusion, which throws him into a mental breakdown.

Barnaby falls into a further stage of emotional stress when he starts thinking that his partner, Kotetsu Kaburagi has no trust in him when he overhears his phonecall to the latter's wife by accident. In a state of confusion, Barnaby uses his Hundred Power and goes in search of his only support at that point, Maverick. All of a sudden, he gets a call from Samantha, his childhood nanny who reveals that he had not witnessed the murder as he had believed all his life- he had been with her the whole day. This leads to a confrontation between Maverick and Barnaby, and the truth is revealed- Maverick had altered his memories after murdering his parents.

The cunning Maverick alters Barnaby's memories again after this truth comes to light. Barnaby awakes, remembering Jake as his parents' killer and worse- Kotetsu as the killer of Samantha, who Maverick has murdered. Kotetsu fails to get Barnaby to remember him as his partner, Wild Tiger, and the former battles him thinking he is an imposter. Thankfully, right before dealing the final blow, Kotetsu calls him 'Bunny-chan', reinstating his lost memories. Reunited, the Hero pair aim to bring down Maverick.

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