Barnaby and Kotetsu Hero Suits Pillow Cushion

—– CLEARANCE ITEM —– Barnaby and Kotetsu Hero Suits Pillow Cushion

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Get this funky coloured pillow cushion featuring The First Hero Team in their civilian and Hero suit outfits! One side shows the cool Barnaby Brooks while the other, Kotetsu T. Kaburagi showcasing a close-up, full body view, and also posed in their Hero Suits! With this small size, it makes a good travel companion!

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Length: 9.8"
Height: 17.7"


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Weight 0.98 kg

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Introduction to the Hero Suit (Tiger and Bunny)

- Hero Suit Information by Tsunade

Both Tiger and Bunny donned different costumes before being introduced to the much-improved Hero Suit. Bunny only wears this prototype suit before his official introduction as a superhero. It sports an achromatic colour scheme and has barcodes in place of the sponsor logos he has on his new suit. Tiger's original suit is much more memorable and even affectionately termed the 'crap suit' by his fans. The design is rather old-school, with a half-face mask and cape.

Of course, the new Hero Suit was an obvious upgrade from Tiger's latex number sported before. Armoured and bulletproof, it shows high durability and is even able to withstand intense heat. It still uses a grappling hook as with the first suit, and is used by Tiger to swing around to get from place to place quickly. Another important feature of the suit is the technology included. The helmet includes a timer that will inform him of when his NEXT power is running out, which is very useful considering it is only active for five minutes at any one time. The visor also allows him to 'scan' objects and know their basic information, such as stats of a person, or the mechanical make-up of machinery. Even though Tiger was reulctant to abandon his old suit for this at first, he soon realises its good points, but still dons his old eye mask for sentimental value beneath the visor of this new suit.

As for Bunny, the suit's functions are similar to that of Tiger's, except that the visor also makes up for his vision problems as he does not wear his prescribed spectacles while donning it. His suit also has a propulsion system on the back which provides greater mobility. Bunny's suit is in red, white and black, while Tiger's suit replaces the red portions with green. Both suits feature sponsor logos on the arms and across the chest, and also a 'display' mode known as 'Good Luck Mode'. This mode increases the size of one of Bunny's legs, and does the same for one of Tiger's arms. While it was speculated that this increased their kicking and punching power respectively, it turns out it is just for display purposes.

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