Sword Art Online – Silica Hair Accessories (Cosplay)

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From the immensely popular anime series, Sword Art Online, Silica is a friend of Kirito and is known as the Beast Tamer who was the first to be able to successfully tame a Feathered Little Dragon. Complete your Silica cosplay with these pair of hair accessories that she adorns in the anime and manga series.

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Product Description

-Silica hair accessories

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Silica(Sword Art Online)

- Silica Bio by Tsunade

Name: Ayano Keiko
Alias: Silica
Age: 15
Birthday: 4 October 2010
Occupation: Student
Gender: Female
Species: Human

Ayano Keiko, aka Silica, is one of the main female characters of the popular anime series, Sword Art Online. Together with main protagonist Kirito and ten thousand other players, they were trapped in the VRMMO(Virtual Reality Massive Multiplayer Online) Role Playing Game, Sword Art Online. When introduced in the series, she was already trapped in the game and she took the name Silica as her online nickname. She uses a dagger as a weapon and she is known as a Beast Tamer. Silica was the first ever player to successfully tame a Feathered Little Dragon whom she named 'Pina'. She is one of the most popular players in the game despite Sword Art Online being her first VRMMORPG. Eventually, her success as a Beast Tamer got to her head and she became arrogant, alienating herself from the rest of the players. As a result, she got lost during a hunt which resulted in the death of Pina.

Appearance-wise, she looks like a normal 15-year-old student. She has brown hair and brown eyes and in-game, she wears a red costume. Personality-wise, she is very cheerful and bright and is very supportive of her friends and family. She has a deep attachment to her pet dragon Pina and she is infatuated with Kirito after he rescued her in the forest.