SAO Kirito's Sword Elucidator (Premium Cosplay Prop)

SAO Kirito’s Sword Elucidator (Premium Cosplay Prop)

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An iconic piece from the SAO series, the Elucidator is Kirito's main sword. This premium collector's item is pitch black edged with silver, and has the cross emblem embossed on the end of the blade as with the original. Whether in cosplay or for display, this piece is a sure interest to SAO fans and weapon collectors alike!

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- Resin

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About the Elucidator (Sword Art Online)

- The Elucidator by Tsunade

The black Elucidator is one of the swords wielded by Kirito, who is known as the Black Swordsman due to his black outfit and his cool, aloof character. His 'Dual Blades' skill (which proficiency is Mastered at 1000) allows him to wield two swords at once, namely the white Dark Repulser paired with this Elucidator.

A powerful sword entirely in black from its hilt to its blade, this was unlike other swords in the game as it was not made by one of the blacksmiths. Kirito obtained it after defeating a boss at level 50, which makes it even more precious. A slash type sword with rather short range, this sword possesses Armor Property and is a rather evenly-balanced sword. The blade is said to be made in Obsidian, a type of black, hard volcanic rock known for its extremely sharp edges. The right side of the handguard is longer and attached to an extended part of the blade, which gives a better grip when being wielded. This sword was also boosted to +40 and later upgraded to its maximum level by Lisbeth.

The Elucidator's strength was proven when the blacksmith Lisbeth tested her best sword against it, and had it broken by the former. Kirito then requested a sword from Lisbeth that could match up to the quality of the Elucidator, which gave him the Dark Repulser. This Dark Repulser was created after the pair set off in search of the Crystalline Ingot, which is a high-grade material Lisbeth believed could be forged into a sword as powerful as the Elucidator.

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