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From the massively popular anime, Sword Art Online, the Dark Repulser is the sword made by the blacksmith, Lisbeth, for the main protagonist, Kirito. Using his Dual Blade skill, Kirito wields his Elucidator along with this Dark Repulser to defeat his opponents. Complete your Kirito cosplay with this made-to-order high quality replica handcrafted using resin material!

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- Dark Repulser replica

- Resin

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Dark Repulser(Sword Art Online)

- Dark Repulser Information by Tsunade

User: Kirito
Type: Weapon
Creator: Lisbeth

From the popular manga/anime, Sword Art Online, the Dark Repulser is a one-handed longsword crafted by Lisbeth using a Crystallite Ingot. The weapon was given to main protagonist, Kirito and he uses the Dual Blades skill to wield the Dark Repulser and his trademark weapon, the Elucidator, together in battles. The Dark Repulser is aqua-blue in colour with it's grip having a darker blue colour. At the centre of the sword guard is a large gem, an aquamarine. The main blade itself is also in aqua-blue and the blade is completely straight and slightly translucent.

The sword made it's first appearance during the Aincrad Arc where the character of Lisbeth was also first introduced. During the chapter or episode called 'Warmth of the Heart', the story introduced the blacksmith named Lisbeth and her own smith shop. Kirito, known as the Black Swordsman' entered her shop and accidentally broke Lisbeth's best sword, enraging the blacksmith. The two agreed to form a party on a quest to forge a sword that can rival Kirito's Elucidator.

Kirito and Lisbeth went on to search for a Cystallite Ingot, a rare mineral produced by a dragon far away in the mountains. After reaching the dragon's lair, they found the ingot which turned out to be just the dragon's excrement. After returning to Lisbeth's smith shop, she forged the Dark Repulser for Kirito. At first swing, Kirito noted that the weight of the Dark Repulser was heavy and remarked that the sword was worthy of his use.

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