SAO Asuna's Sword Lambent Light Sword (Premium Cosplay Prop)

SAO Asuna’s Sword Lambent Light Sword (Premium Cosplay Prop)

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The sword that earned Asuna her nickname, “The Flash”;, the Lambent Light is a slim, lightweight sword that she has mastered to the maximum level of proficiency. This collector's item made from high quality resin features the rounded handle with “Knights of the Blood” emblem, two blue gems, and is crafted very closely in detail to the original. In the signature colours of silver and mint, this recognizable piece is a perfect addition to any SAO fan's collection!

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- Length: 33.2"

- Resin

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About the Lambent Light (Sword Art Online)

- Information on Lambent Light by Tsunade

The Lambent Light has since become a trademark of the kind and gentle Asuna, and its streamlined shape has definitely been a key factor to earning her the nickname 'Flash'! With her enhanced supersonic speed and quickness to react, this Lambent Light seems to be perfect for her as she wields it with grace.

Lisbeth, Asuna's best friend and also a blacksmith in the game created this one-handed rapier (slender and sharp sword that is built to be adept to thrusting attacks) for her, as first stated in the story Warmth of the Heart. Apparently, she can produce a sword of such quality only once in every three months! With Lisbeth's high level of skills in Thrust Weapon Forging, it isn't a surprise that the Lambent Light has proven its worth in its attacks and high accuracy, fusing well with Asuna's speed and skills. Lisbeth also boosted this weapon to +40 out of a maximum of 50.

Asuna seems to have a strong attraction to the Lambent Light, which she used as her main weapon throughout the length of Sword Art Online. She sometimes fights at the front line with it, of which proficiency she has mastered (Level 1000). Her capability with the Lambent Light has made her known to be the 'Berserk Healer' as she battles on the frontline despite her given role as a Healer.

The Lambent Light also plays an important role in the final battle of Sword Art Online on the 75th floor. Kirito uses it to defeat the creator of SAO himself, who had been disguised as Heathcliff, the leader of <> Guild throughout the game, freeing everyone from the cursed game.

Having been created months before Kirito's sword and lasting all the way to the last level of SAO, the Lambent Light has proven to be a durable piece, and valued by Asuna since it remained her weapon of choice despite her having chances to upgrade or change it. Lambent Light has also been considered by some to be a token of sentiment representing her friendship with Lisbeth.