SAO – Asuna Knights of the Blood Chest Plate

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From the Sword Art Online series, Asuna is the main female character and the girlfriend of main protagonist, Kirito. Swear your allegiance to the Knights Of The Blood Guild with this beautiful brooch that Asuna wore on her chest! (Also suitable if you are looking to make your own Asuna cosplay.)

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- Metal

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Weight 6.5 kg

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Asuna(Sword Art Online)

- Asuna Bio by Tsunade

Name: Yuki Asuna
Age: 15 Birthday: 30 September
Height: 168cm
Weight: 55kg
Gender: Female
Species: Human

Yuki Asuna, or Asuna for short, is the main female protagonist of the popular anime series, Sword Art Online. She is the partner of main protagonist, Kazuto Kirigaya aka Kirito. At the beginning of the series, she was introduced as a privileged young lady who lives comfortably with her parents and brother at a large home in Setagaya. Her brother was one of the many who queued up for the release of the game, Sword Art Online. Upon purchase, her brother wasn't able to play the game immediately due to an overseas business trip. As a result, Asuna, out of curiosity, borrowed her brother's NerveGear to play Sword Art Online..

Upon playing the game, she realised that she, along with the other players, are trapped within the game. She spent four days battling in the 1st floor's Labyrinth using five Iron Rapiers. When she met Kirito, she told him that she expected to die anyways. Exhausted, Asuna passed out and rather than carrying on and leaving her behind, Kirito carried Asuna out of the Labyrinth. This was the beginning of their partnership.

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