Sword Art Online – Lambent Light, Dark Repulser, Elucidator Necklace

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In the popular anime, Sword Art Online, weapons are part and parcel of the game and main characters, Kirito and Asuna are known for their formidable swordsmanship. Our featured necklace showcases three of the most popular swords in the series; Kirito's Dark Repulser and Elucidator, as well as Asuna's rapier, Lambent Light. Miniature in form but rich with details, SAO fans should not overlook this unique collectible.

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Product Description

- Elucidator/Dark Repulser/Lambent Light sword necklace

- 1.5" x 0.5" (per sword)

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Game Swords(Sword Art Online)

- Game Swords Bio by Tsunade

Name: Elucidator
Game: Sword Art Online
Users: Kirito

From the Sword Art Online game, Elucidator is Kirito's weapon of choice which was a monster drop from a boss. Upon obtaining Elucidator, Kirito didn't have the proper STR stats to wield it but in time, he even wielded it along with his other sword, the Dark Repulser.

Name: Dark Repulser
Game: Sword Art Online
Users: Kirito

The Dark Repulser is also another weapon of Kirito in Sword Art Online. It was crafted by Lisbeth especially for Kirito after they obtained a Crystallite Ingot, also known as dragon poop. Using his Dual Blades skill, he can wield both the Elucidator and Dark Repulser.

Name: Lambent Light
Game: Sword Art Online
Users: Asuna

Kirito's girlfriend, Asuna, also prefers swords for her in-game weapon. She is famous for her use of rapier swords and her nickname, The Flash was due to her usage of Lambent Light. Crafted by Lisbeth, the rapier was used to clear the game when Kirito stabbed and defeated Heathcliff in the final battle.