Sword Art Online – Kirito Shoulder Plate Armor (ALO) Premium Cosplay Prop

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Kirito the Black Swordsman turns all elf-like in ALO (Alfeim Online) and dons this awesomely designed shoulder plate armour over this new black getup. Our shoulder plate armor is crafted in resin by cosplay specialists and is a super great collectible's item! Includes buttons on the inside so that you can customise your own cosplay costume.

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Product Description

- Kirito shoulder plate armor from ALO

- 8" x 6.5" x 4"

- Resin

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Kirito(Sword Art Online)

- Kirito Bio by Tsunade

Name: Kirigaya Kazuto
Nickname: Kirito
Age: 16
Birthday: 7 October, 2008r
Height: 172cm
Weight: 59kg
Gender: Male
Species: Human

Kirigaya Kazuto aka Kirito, is the main protagonist of the highly popular Sword Art Online series. He coined up the nickname 'Kirito' by combining his first and last name and it is his alias in the game. Kirito was among the 1,000 chosen beta testers for Sword Art Online, an upcoming Virtual Reality game developed for the NerveGear console. Growing up, Kirito was raised by his aunt and uncle after his parents were killed due to an accident. His grandfather trained him in the Kendo arts but was hooked on computers after reading tech magazines. Appearance-wise, Kirito has black hair and black clothing and in SAO, he was known as the Black Swordsman due to his colour motif.

Personality-wise, Kirito did not have much social skills as he was so into computer and technology. At a young age, he even manage to build a PC from spare parts and eventually quit practicing Kendo to immerse himself with computers even more. Aside from his introverted-ness, he can be quite frank at times but in-game, he is always calm, collected and very adaptable to any sudden changes.

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