Sinon Sniper Rifle Hecate 2 Keychain Gun Gale Online (GGO)

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Hecate 2 is the sniper rifle Sinon used in Gun Gale Onine after she ventured into the dungeons below SBC Glocken and falling down a chute trap. It’s intricately made and is 10cm long. It is now turned into a keychain. Hecate is classified as an anti-materiel gun due to its incredible power that gives it the ability to penetrate vehicles and buildings.

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Product Description

Original Weapon: Length - 138 cm, 114 cm with stock removed Barrel Length - 700mm Weight - 13.8 kg with no sight (14.4 kg loaded) Caliber - .50 BMG Ammunition - 12.7x99mm NATO   This Hecate Keychain: This is the sniper rifle Sinon used in GGO turned into a keychain. It's intricately made and is ~4" long. Heavy. Made fully of steel  

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