Sword Art Online – Asuna Sword Lambent Light With Sheathe (Premium Cosplay Prop)

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From the extremely popular Sword Art Online, the Lambent Light is the rapier of Asuna, the sub-leader of the Knights of the Blood. Created by the talented blacksmith, Lisbeth, the Lambent Light became Asuna's weapon of choice and is one of the most easily recognizable weapons from the series. Complete your Asuna cosplay with this 1:1 scale replica of Asuna's Lambent Light. Comes complete with the red engraved sheath that has the Knight of the Blood's insignia.

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Product Description

- Lambient Light sword
- Red sword sheath

- 33.5" x 5"

- Resin

Additional Information

Weight 3 kg

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Yuki Asuna(Sword Art Online)

- Yuki Asuna Bio by Tsunade

Name: Yuki Asuna
Alias: Asuna
Age: 15
Birthdate: 30 September 2007
Height: 168cm
Gender: Female
Species: Human

Asuna is the main female protagonist of the highly popular anime series, Sword Art Online. Asuna is her nickname in-game and in the real world, she is Yuuki Asuna, daughter of RECT Inc's former CEO. In the Sword Art Online game, she is the sub-leader of the Knights of the Blood, a powerful guild led by Kayaba Akihiko aka Heathcliff. Appearance-wise, Asuna has long brown hair and hazel eyes. She wore a red leather tunic in SAO and upon joining the Knights of the Blood, she wore the KoB red and white uniform and started using a rapier called Lambent Light.

Early on in the series, Asuna got a copy of the SAO game from her brother who is an avid gamer. Unfortunately her brother had to go on a business trip and couldn't play the game despite getting it on launch day. Out of boredom, she borrowed her brother's NerveGear and played SAO. To her horror, she found out that she was trapped along with all the online players. Feeling helpless at first, Asuna secluded herself for a week before taking matters into her own hands. With a newfound resolve, she decided to fight to stay alive, resulting in her killing monsters at an incredible rate, earning her the nickname, The Flash.

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