ALO Kirito’s Broadsword with Leather Strap Keychain

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From ALfheim Online, this Black Iron Great Sword is Kirito's weapon of choice during the Fairy Dance Arc. Add this detailed miniature replica keychain to your Sword Art Online collection!

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Product Description

- Kirito Black Iron Great Sword keychain
- Sword leather strap

- 1.75" x 1.5"

- Leather(strap)
- Metal(sword)

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Kirigaya Kazuto (Sword Art Online)

- Kirigaya Kazuto Bio by Tsunade

Name: Kirigaya Kazuto
Alias: Kirito
Age: 14
Birthday: 7 October 2008
Gender: Male
Height: 172cm
Weight: 59kg

Kirigaya Kazuto aka Kirito, is the main protagonist of Sword Art Online. Born on 7 October, the young Kirito was adopted by his uncle and aunt after his biological parents died from an accident. Raised like their own, his uncle and aunt trained Kirito in the neighborhood Kendo dojo under the guidance of his grandfather. However, due to his aunt's job as an editor for a computer magazine, Kirito was influenced and fell in love with computers and he dropped Kendo after training for two years. As a computer programmer, Kirito is proficient, even at a young age, at building computers from scratch. Kirito came up with his nickname after combining the 'Kiri' from Kirigaya, and 'to' from Kazuto.

At the beginning of the Sword Art Online series, Kirito was chosen alongside 1000 other beta users to try out Sword Art Online, the first ever VRMMORPG(Virtual Reality Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game), using the NerveGear system. Using his innate skill with computers, he was able to reach the 10th floor of the Sword Art Online beta and he clocked in hundreds of hours playing. Personality-wise, Kirito is someone who is not good at expressing himself. This is probably due to the fact that he did not have many friends due to his passion for computers. His first impression on people is often that of being rude(although he actually likes angering and teasing other people). As a person and a player of Sword Art Online, Kirito is known to have nerves of steel; he rarely shows any signs of distress even when his life is on the line. Kirito has incredibly strong resolve to do anything to accomplish the important task without any hesitation, especially when it involves the people he cares about.