Alfeim Online (ALO) Excalibur Miniature Collectible

Alfeim Online (ALO) Excalibur Miniature Collectible

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From ALfheim Online, the Holy Sword Excalibur is a legendary weapon known to be the strongest sword in the game. Our featured miniature replica has incredible details made with top notch quality materials. Add this mini sword replica to top off your Sword Art Online collection.

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Product Description

- Excalibur mini replica

- Metal

- 7" x 1.5"

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Abour Excalibur (Sword Art Online)

- Excalibur information by Tsunade

Name: «Holy Sword Excalibur»
Game: ALfheim Online
Type: Weapon
Description: «sword which cut all of steel and tree»
Users: Fairy King Oberon, Kirito

The Holy Sword Excalibur is known to be the strongest weapon in the game of ALfheim Online. With the description of «sword which cut all of steel and tree», it is the only weapon in the game to surpass the «Demonic Sword Gram», another powerhouse of a weapon. The Excalibur weapon is golden throughout with a green handle and adorned with jewellery.

The powerhouse of a sword was forged by the God of Blacksmiths; Völundr. The story was that «Thrym», King of the Frost Giant tribe, once transformed into a wolf and went to Jötunheimr to infiltrate the fortress to steal the golden sword. After stealing the sword, he threw it into «Urðr's Spring», the central lake of Jötunheimr, impaling the World Tree and cutting off its roots. At that exact same moment, Jötunheimr lost the Tree's blessings and it quickly degenerated into a frosty barren wasteland. Excalibur became stuck at the bottom and it keeps the World Tree's roots from regrowing.

The sword is currently in Kirito's possession after acquiring it on their adventure in Jötunheimr.