Super Sonico Guitar Necklace (Cosplay)

Super Sonico Guitar Necklace (Cosplay)

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Your Super Sonico cosplay is not complete without this Super Sonico guitar necklace. Inspired by the real deal with details and colouring that the eighteen-year-old voluptuous idol is seen wearing. This is perfect for cosplayers, fans of Super Sonico, or appreciators with an eye for detail!

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Super Sonic Biography (Super Sonic)

- Super Sonic Bio/SoniComi Information by Tsunade

Name: Super Sonic
Age: 18
Birthday: October 14
Height: 158 cm
Role: Lead Vocalist/Guitarist
Favorite food: Ramen

From the popular visual novel game, SoniComi by Nitro+, Sonic is an eighteen-year-old college student/novice idol. She is depicted as a very attractive and voluptuous young woman with pink hair and brown eyes. She is almost always wearing her signature white and black headphones and green guitar pendant attached to a golden necklace. Her guitar of choice is the Gibson SG in heritage cherry red colour.

Information about SoniComi:

Based on Super Sonico, the busty idol and Nitroplus' mascot. The visual game features the players as Sonico's personal camera man. The players task as a camera man is to film Sonico as well as to court her. The flow of the game will involve two phases; the first is the adventure phase, and the second is the action phase.

The first phase, Adventure, is mainly about your camera man job. Your objective as a player involves planning Sonico's photo shoots according to the requests of her clients. This is one of the pull of the game as it allows gravure idol fans to act and play as the idol's personal camera man.

The second phase, Action, is identical to what gamers experience in a visual novel game. The player's objective is to build a relationship, outside of work, with Sonico. The scenarios are broken into different scenes that revolves around eye contact, talking, as well as physical contact. The talking aspect is one of the most basic, where as the eye and physical contact are largely more interesting. The physical contact aspect includes holding Sonico's hands, either producing a romantic moment or and embarrassing one. The eye contact is important during a conversation where the players are rewarded for their attention to Sonico or get reprimanded by her for wandering off.