Death The Kid Skull Rings (1 pair)

Death The Kid Skull Rings (1 pair)

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These adorable skull rings modelled after Death the Kid's mask comes in a pair- of course! After all, what's Death the Kid without symmetry? Don these identical silver rings that are adjustable to fit any size, to complement your symmetrical outfit!

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Measurements One size fits all

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The Perfection-Obsessed, Death the Kid (Soul Eater)

- Death The Kid Personality by Tsunade

Extremely notable for his almost-perfectly symmetrical look, Death the Kid is the son of Death and most expectedly, a Shinigami. Dressed in classic black and white all the time in the form of standard suits adorned with rectangles, Kid, as he is better known as, is particular about keeping his dressing achromatic so only his eyes are coloured. His avid discipline, even in his dressing, tells us a lot about his Obsessive Compulsive Personality Disorder, one that keeps him absolutely symmetrical, even in his hairstyle. Unfortunately, and to his extreme annoyance, his Sanzu Lines (where Shinigami manifests their power) start exactly in the middle of the front of his head, going around the left side and ending in the middle of the back, making that the only thing asymmetrical about him.

Kid's obsession with symmetry and perfection is so deeply instilled in him that asymmetrical items become an awful distraction for him, even during important times like missions. This quirk of his has become some kind of running gag in the series, where he reacts in exaggerated ways when he sees anything 'out of place'! Even in the most dangerous of times, he has the tendency to try and put things back into place, making it somewhat of his weak point as they break his focus. Even during battles, Kid would not fight it unless the entire battle looks absolutely symmetrical; for example, if he holds only a gun, it would be asymmetrical. Also, if the enemy looks symmetrical, he would be unwilling to attack as that would break its symmetry.

With his OCPD, Kid seems more prone to falling into the abyss of Madness. Coupled with his obsession to create a perfect world, Kid found it difficult to break out of the Madness of Order in the Book of Eibon. His intentions for the world seems to be good, as he wants to make it a peaceful place in the legacy left behind by his father. Despite that, he has a belief that there should be a balance in all alike to symmetry, even between good and evil in the world.

While this strange obsession of his sometimes causes Kid to be unable to function normally (especially in cases when people point out his OWN asymmetry, which causes him to go into a self-deprecating mode), Kid is actually a cool-headed individual who gets along well with others, and even shows genuine concern for his friends. Despite that, he prefers to work independently on missions.