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    Soul Eater Headband (Cosplay)

    $21.90 $12.99

    Complete your Soul Eater cosplay with his fantastic trademark headband! Its the elaborate replica from the anime series starting from the embroidered word “Soul” to the “Eat” logo at the side. The headband is stretchable to complement all head size!

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    Death The Kid Skull Rings (1 pair)

    $30.00 $10.98

    These adorable skull rings modelled after Death the Kid's mask comes in a pair- of course! After all, what's Death the Kid without symmetry? Don these identical silver rings that are adjustable to fit any size, to complement your symmetrical outfit!

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    Death the kid Skull Ring

    $15.90 $5.99

    From the Soul Eater series comes the Skull Ring as worn by Death the Kid. Kid, who has compulsive disorder in the series, wears this ring on the middle fingers of BOTH his hands. Why? To keep it balanced of course! An adjustable ring width with the approximate ring width size 8, this ring is made with a quality chrome finishing,and depicts a structure of a skull with black eyes, black nose and 3 protruding fangs.

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    Soul Eater Laughing Sun Necklace

    $12.90 $7.99

    No need to envy Soul Eater’s Death City for having such a unique goofy sun. Now, have a bright sunny day everyday with your very own laughing sun necklace. It will dangle happily around your neck in a 20” long silver chain. A fun gift for all Soul Eater fan!

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    —– CLEARANCE ITEM —– Soul Eater Postcards Set

    $28.50 $9.99

    Whether for collecting or use as actual postcards, this set has an amazing variety of artwork featuring the characters of Soul Eater! With a gloss finish, these cards can be shared with penned words to a fellow fan, or even tacked up on walls or closet doors. With both landscape and portrait pieces included, the Soul Eater fan would be spoilt for choice on which to use, or whether to use at all!

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    Soul Eater Logo Necklace

    $12.80 $7.99

    Be a meister from Death Weapon Meister Academy and start gathering 99 evil souls and 1 witch with this incredible Soul Eater logo necklace hanging around your neck! Has a pendant size of 1.5″ with 19″ long silver chain! Get one now!

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    Soul Evans Badge Keychain

    $10.40 $5.99

    This light beige Soul Evans badgekeychain is a great memoralibia from Soul Eater! At approximately 7.4cm in diameter attached to a chrome keychain with an open mouth of bright red lips, jagged lines in the middle and the letters for “EAT” flowing from left to bottom to right of badge. Made with highly durable synthetic rubber, flexible yet durable enough for a keychain with approximately 0.4cm thick. Get it now while stocks last!

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    Soul Eater Shinigami Keychain

    $10.90 $7.99

    Let the Founder of Shinigami Weapon Meister Vocational School or Shibusen guard your keys against the evil spirits with this carefully crafted Shinigami keychain. It come with the Soul Eater logo at the back in dark gray glossy finish. Collect with other Soul Eater items!

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    Soul Eater – Death The Kid Skull Necklace

    $9.90 $5.99

    This high quality silver color coated necklace is inspired from the skull rings worn by Death The Kid in Soul Eater. This shape is so fun it’s perfect as an accessory for all occasions and not just for Soul Eater fans!

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    Soul Eater Laughing Sun Keychain

    $10.90 $7.99

    Let the laughing sun of Death City jingle with your keys and make your day brighter. It shines brightly in its metal alloy form with glossy finish. Have more fun by getting the grinning moon keychain too. Collect with other Soul Eater items!

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