Sailor Moon Wand 1:1 Scale (Premium Cosplay Prop)

Sailor Moon Wand 1:1 Scale (Premium Cosplay Prop)

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An item that has since been lost after its last battle, the Moon Stick is a strong icon in the Sailor Moon series, and it's not hard to see why! This replica of the classic wand features a faceted Crescent moon attached to the pink wand body that is embossed with a star. The section between the moon and grip is intricately detailed with the bow motif, and has a red gem set in the middle. An overall pearly finish glazes the wand giving it a look of authenticity, and even more so with the Silver Crystal attached to the crescent! Making a cosplay prop that would bring you envious looks, this also works great as a display piece for the diehard Sailor Moon fan!

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Product Description

- Length : ~10.8"

- Resin

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About the Moon Stick (Sailor Moon)

- Information on the Moon Stick by Tsunade

Previously owned by Queen Serenity, the Moon Stick was used by Sailor Moon to perform the Moon Healing Escalation Attack to heal or purify injured people or those transformed into Youma (Monsters created by the Dark Kingdom). Sailor Moon is often seen waving it in a wide, circular motion to form a circle trail of glitter and mist around her body. The Moon Stick can only be used by a descendant of the Moon Kingdom, and was given to Usagi by Luna. Combined with the Silver Crystal, it became more powerful and defeated Queen Beryl, but was soon lost after the battle.