Tomoe Mami Soul Gem Ring And Necklace (Yellow)

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Soul Gems and Soul Rings aren't just bling bling for the magical girls of Puella Magi. They serve their purpose in protecting the innocent girls from the baddies called Witches. Whether for cosplay or for collection, these high quality replicas are sure to impress!

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Product Description

-Puella Magi Mami Tomoe Soul Gem with necklace attachment
-Puella Magi Mami Tomoe Soul Ring

- Metal
- 1.5"X0.5" (Gem)
- 0.9" diameter (Ring)

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Mami Tomoe (Puella Magi Madoka Magica)

- Mami Tomoe Bio by Tsunade

Name: Mami Tomoe
Age: 15
Gender: Female

Mami Tomoe is one of the secondary characters of the anime series, Puella Magi and the main protagonist of Puella Magi: Madoki Magica: The Different Story. She is first introduced in the Puella Magi series as a girl with magical powers who rescues Sayaka and Madoka from a witch during the very first episode. Mami is contracted to Kyubey and she offered mentorship to Sayaka and Madoka should they decide to become magical girls. She is known to be a veteran with formidable skills and also acting as a big sister to both Sayaka and Madoka, giving valuable insight to the two rookie magical girls.

Mami is one of the first to appear in the series as an older, more experienced magical girl and one of the first such girls to be introduced. She is shown to be very feminine, dressing with flower clips in her hair and enjoys drinking tea. Personality-wise, she is known for her strong sense of justice; helping innocent people despite the little incentive it offers. This sense of personal justice also makes it hard for her and other magical girls to team up for more than a brief period of time as most the other girls will only fight wirches for their own personal glory or self-defense. However, Mami is not affected by this; she grew up as an orphan and had trouble making friends in school due to her witch hunting priorities. Her lone-wolf personality is what she is known for.