Tomoe Mami Feather Hat (Cosplay)

Tomoe Mami Feather Hat (Cosplay)

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This western-inspired pillbox style hat accents Mami's gunner outfit perfectly! In a deep maroon colour, this slightly tilted hat – which iconic point comes with the fur fluff at the side- goes very well with her outfit of brown hues. With three alligator clips hidden at the bottom, this attaches onto your hair almost 'magically'!

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Tomoe Mami's Style (Puella Magi)

- Tomoe Mami Character Design by Tsunade

One of the veteran Magical Girls, Tomoe Mami appears as a matured girl who is the 'older sister' type. She is feminine and ladylike, shown to enjoy activities such as drinking tea and making dessert.

Her overall style is rather Westernised, probably to match her fighting style as she is a gunner. Her hair is blonde and parted into two huge twisted curls adorned with flower shaped hairpins at the side of her face, giving her the rather westernised look of a princess. In addition, her name, 'Mami', is written in Katakana, implying that it is of Western origins. Her other distinct trait is her notably larger breasts, as stated by the creator herself.

Mami is almost always in tights, even when in uniform. Her white mary-jane style pump shoes feature a tiny bow at the back, in accordance with the ribbon motif representative of her (she fights with ribbons). Her battle outfit is mostly neutral tones of brown and white, with a yellow accent. The main focuus would be her corset waist belt in leather, with its lace trim, as well as knee-high cowboy boots that accentuate the Western gunner look. Her hat is designed to look like a vintage English pillbox hat, complete with the feather fluff on the side.