Tomoe Mami and Homura Akemi Dakimakura Body Pillow Cover

Tomoe Mami and Homura Akemi Dakimakura Body Pillow Cover

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A bi-coloured dakimakura case made in comfy cotton, this piece features Tomoe Mami on one side in orange, and Homura Akemi on the other in purple! With these skilled Magical Girls literally by your side, you can be sure to have sweet dreams!

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Product Description

Width: 19.7"
Length: 59.0"

- Satin

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Introduction to Puella Magi (Puella Magi Madoka Magica)

- Puella Magi Synopsis by Tsunade

Puella Magi Madoka Magica's protagonists are a group of middle school girls who have chosen to become 'Magical Girls'. While the lure of being a Magical Girl with powers seem appealing, these girls have to battle the antagonists known as Witches, and go on a journey of growth as they realise with great power comes great responsibility.

The main character Madoka Kaname is a naive, sweet-natured girl who crosses paths with Kyubey. Kyubey (which resembles a small cat) then offers her the contract to be a Magical Girl and have any wish granted, in exchange for the task of fighting Witches with her newfound powers. While she is contemplating whether to accept this contract, Homura Akemi, another Magical Girl transfers into her class and tries all ways and means to stop this contract from happening. They are also introduced to Tomoe Mami, a senior in school who offers to bring them on a Witch Hunt so they can have a first-hand experience at how being a Magical Girl is like.

Madoka soon realises that all that glitters isn't gold when she witnesses Mami's death during a battle with a Witch. The truth is, to become a Magical Girl, they have to have a source of magic which is the Soul Gem - and it is derived from their soul. When these Soul Gems get too tainted with anguish and despair, the Magical Girls lose their souls and become Witches, the very beings they are recruited to fight against.

It is later revealed that Homura Akemi is given the power of time travel, and has in fact travelled through many timelines just to try and save Madoka who had saved her life and become her friend in another timeline. Madoka then decides to be a Magical Girl so she can fulfill her wish to stop the creation of Witches. This changes the laws of the universe, and Madoka sacrifices herself with everyone else having no memory of her as a friend, except Homura.