Soul Gem necklace - Green

Soul Gem necklace – Green

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If you’ve always wanted a green soul gem, look no further! In the color of a shimmering emerald, this green soul gem enclosed in a protective silver pendant form is an awesome memorabilia for fans of Puella Magi Madoka Magica! Approximately 5cm high, 2.5cm width, inclusive of a high quality polished 57cm metal chain. While stocks last!

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What Are Soul Gems? (Puella Magi)

- Soul Gems by Tsunade

Description: Soul Gems are created from a contract with Kyubey. They are proofs that one is a Puella Magi. A Soul Gem is also responsible for the transformation and the source of magical powers of a Puella Magi. However, if the soul gem becomes fouled, most probably from negative feelings, it will turn into a grief seed and contribute to the transformation of a witch.