Sayaka Miki Necklace

Sayaka Miki Necklace

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A reversed C-shape resembling a crescent moon, this soul gem belonging to Sayaka Miki that sits on her belly in her Magical Girl form, is now available as a pendant! A clear blue that reflects light beautifully, the soul gem is casted in golden metal and surrounds an aqua crystal within. With a matching gold chain necklace, this makes a great accessory for fans of the righteous swordswoman!

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Product Description

Width: 1.2"
Height: 0.8"

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Introduction to Sayaka Miki (Puella Magi)

- Sayaka Miki Bio by Tsunade

A tomboyish, stubborn character, Sayaka Miki is a second-year student in Mitakihara Middle School, and also a magical girl. With her blue hair cropped short in a bob and pulled back with two tiny clips above her left ear, Sayaka's confident personality shines through with her less refined, but rather refreshing look.

The only witch wielding a melee weapon, Sayaka uses a sword during battle, which matches her forthright personality like that of a samurai or swordsman. A heroic witch, she is rather impulsive by nature and does not really look before she leaps. To match her weapon, her magical girl outfit is designed for close combat, with thigh-high leggings and arm sleeves leading from her gloves- which resemble the gauntlets of medieval swordsmen- to her upper arm. Her soul gem is revealed peeking through the front gap of her bustier, in the middle. It is shaped like a crescent and in a reflective blue. She also has very good regenerative abilities, useful for her as she often fights in close range with her melee weapon.

A great way to describe Sayaka's character would be using the stereotype of the swordswoman, which she is- fiercely devoted, protective, and righteous. While she portrays a brave character, this front hides a girl who wants to be loved. She cares a lot for those around her and are protective of them, willing to give her all for others. However, this good side of her leads to her demise as her faith in the good of others (as she sees in herself) brings out a naivety in her. Her impulsiveness to rush forward without thinking makes it dangerous for her as a magical girl.

Sayaka seems to be a rather conflicted character that has the potential to fall on either side, while teetering between the extremities of good and evil. While she is forthright, her strong emotions can easily turn this into the opposite, which results in her turning into a Witch from a Magical Girl in all the timelines. Opposites seem to be carved out very clearly in her mind, with no grey areas in between, which was what led to her breakdown because of her crush on Kamijou.