Pokemon – Unova League Black and White 2 Gym Badges

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Gym badges are important equipment for the aspiring Pokemon Trainer. In Unova League, there are a total of eight unique badges that will unlock Pokemon obedience levels as well as other abilities such as HM Waterfall and HM Strength among other things. Our beautiful set of Unova League badges are perfect for your Pokemon collection.

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Product Description

- Trio badge
- Basic badge
- Insect badge
- Bolt badge
- Quake badge
- Jet badge
- Freeze badge
- Legend badge

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Gym Badges(Pokemon)

- Gym Badges Information by Tsunade

Item name: Gym Badges
League: Unova
District: Unova
Total number: 8

Gym badges are coveted by aspiring trainers over regions and only by defeating their respective gym owners can they obtain one. In the league in Unova, eight badges are up for grabs

First up is the Trio badge which allows HM cut to be used outside battles and it will also allow level 20 and below Pokemon to obey their trainers. The player can get this badge by defeating Cilan, Chili and Cress - gym leaders of Striaton City.

Next is the Basic badge. By defeating Nacrene City's gym leader Lenora, the player can use the Basic badge to make their level 30 and below Pokemon to obey their trainer.

The Insect badge is waiting for those who can beat Burgh - Castelia City's leader. It will allow for level 40 and below Pokemon to obey their trainer.

Elesa is up next: she is the gym leader of Nimbasa City. Defeating her will earn you the Bolt badge which grants HM Strength outside fights and makes level 50 Pokemon and below to obey their trainer.

At Driftveil City Gym, Defaating gym leader Clay earns you the Quake badge that allows HM Fly and makes level 60 Pokemon obey.

Skyly of Mitralton City is giving out the Jet badge which allows HM Surf plus the level 70 and below Pokemon to follow their trainer's orders. All you have to do is beat her.

Mask-wearing Brycen is up next for the Freeze badge at Icirrus gym. Freeze badge allows level 80 and below to obey their trainers and allow the use of HM Waterfall.

Last but not least, Opelucid gym leaders Drayden or Iris must be defeated tp san the Legend badge which will make all level Pokemon to obey their trainer.