Pokemon – Ultra Ball Storage Ball

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The Ultra Ball is an important tool for the serious Pokemon Trainer. It has 100% higher catch rate compared to a standard Poke Ball, extremely useful when encountering a rare Pokemon. Add to your Pokemon collectibles this fully functional Ultra Ball. By pressing the middle button, you can open the Ultra Ball up to use for storing small items. Also available are other Pokeball variants such as the Super Ball, Master Ball and the iconic red and white standard Pokeball. Collect all four!

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Product Description

- 1x Ultra Ball

- 2.6" diameter

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Ultra Ball(Pokemon)

- Ultra Ball Bio by Tsunade

Name: Ultra Ball
Type: Poke Ball
Buy Price: 1200
Sell Price: 600
First Appearance: Generation 1 Games
Catch Rate: 2x

The Ultra Ball is a special type of Poke Ball first featured in the first generation of Pokemon games. It is superior to the standard Poke Ball and Super Ball with its' 2x multiplier, giving the user a 100% higher chance of catching wild Pokemons. Appearance-wise, the Ultra Ball has a black and yellow top with a white bottom. It is popular with intermediate to advanced trainers and is usually available after achieving a certain level.