Pokemon – Poke Ball Coin Bank

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The Poke Ball, from the anime and game series, Pokemon, is perhaps the most iconic piece of item known to man. It is a distinct round object in red, white and black and it is used to capture hundreds of variety of Pokemon roaming around the world. Our featured product is the basic Poke Ball in all it's red, black and white glory which functions as a coin bank that is easily detachable with a simple counter-clockwise twist. A perfect gift for Pokemon lovers whether young or old.

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Product Description

- Poke Ball coin bank

- 4.5"diameter

- Plastic

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Savegame ID: Player

From the popular games and anime series, Pokemon, the Poke Ball (Monster Ball in Japan), is the major Poke Ball in the Pokemon series. The term Poke Ball itself is a different variety and classes of Balls used to capture Pokemons and the weakest and most basic of them all is simply called Poke Ball. Basic Poke Balls features a red top and white bottom with a black horizontal ring on the X axis. It is available in every game and it is the first Ball to be introduced in the anime series.

It is very common to see in the anime and in game, it has a catch rate of 1X, costs 200 Pokemon Dollars. The players get to have five of them at the start of the game and it is the only Ball used by non-playable characters.