Pokemon Kids XY Wobbuffet Figurine

Pokemon Kids XY Wobbuffet Figurine

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Quite an icon in his own right, this ditzy Pokémon which hit fame from its many screen appearances with Team Rocket is so annoying its adorable! In its characteristic pose, Wobbuffet's recognizable blue makes it a distinct Pokémon to add to your collection of figurines.

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Height: 1.9"

- Plastic

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Wobbuffet Biography (Pokémon)

- Wobbuffet Bio by Tsunade

WOBBUFFET! A Pokémon which sure knows how to snatch the limelight by shouting its name to us and gracing the anime series constantly with his big blue face shoved in the frame, Wobbuffet has become a known figure thanks to Jessie of Team Rocket. Lingering somewhere between annoying and frustratingly cute, this Pokémon resembles a Japanese Okiagari-Koboshi (a doll that is weighted at the bottom so it cannot be knocked over). Its English name is a combination of the words Wobble and Buffet (to hit repetitively), and its attack moves seem to follow this concept of bouncing back after being hit.

Cyan in colour, it seems to have a soft body ending in 4 rounded legs at the base keeping it upright. Its face seems more like an emoticon, with scrunched up eyes and a zig-zag mouth. It has a pair of flat arms, and often places one of them on its forehead in an "oh, right!" pose. Quite like its appearance might suggest, Wobbuffet is mild-mannered and is not prone to making the first attack. However, alike to the Okiagari-Koboshi doll, it would strike back by inflating its body once it is attacked. It is also extremely protective of its black tail with eye-like markings, and would be aggressive if its tail is in danger. Due to this and its dislike of light, Wobbuffet can be found in dark caves.

As mentioned previously, one famous Wobbuffet in the series belongs to Jessie of Team Rocket, when she accidentally traded in her Lickitung for it. It often pops out of its Pokéball on its own accord, causing her a lot of distress, and doing nothing much to help the situation. However, it has proven to be fairly effectively when used in battles, though rarely.

A Psychic type Pokémon, Wobbuffet is the evolved form of Wynaut and has the highest base HP from the Psychic Pokémon category. Because of its bounce-back strategy, Wobbuffet can be a strange challenger during battle. If it is not attacked, it cannot harm the opponent with anything except Struggle.

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