Pokemon Kids XY Pumpkaboo Figurine

Pokemon Kids XY Pumpkaboo Figurine

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Not for the superstitious, this Pokémon resembling a Halloween Jack-o-Lantern is said to be housing a wandering spirit! Its orange body resembling a pumpkin with carved eyes, and the grayish black 'ghost' seated on top is replicated closely to the original, giving us an authentic-looking figurine that would make part of a great collection. Start collecting today and catch 'em all!

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Height: 1.9"

- Plastic

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Pumpkaboo Biography (Pokémon)

- Pumpkaboo Bio by Tsunade

With its looks somewhat inspired by a Halloween Pumpkin, Pumpkaboo is a Ghost / Grass type Pokémon. Its Japanese name, Bakeccha, is from the words 'bakemono' (monster) and 'kabocha' (pumpkin). It is able to evolve into Gourgeist upon trading, and both Pokémon are the only ones who are able to learn 'Trick-or-Treat', which makes their target become a Ghost Type for that battle and has proven to be very effective against Psychic Pokémon.

Pumpkaboo comes in four different sizes, Small, Average, Large and Super Size. The smaller the Pumpkaboo is, the easier it is to find, much like an actual pumpkin you might look for in a patch! As such, a Super Size Pumpkaboo can be considered very rare. With each increase in size, the base HP increases by 5 points while the Speed decreases by the same amount- as such, the base stat remains constant regardless of size. Wild Super Size Pumpkaboo each holds a Miracle Seed, a type-enhancing item that boosts Pumpkaboo's Grass-type moves by 20%. Also, Super Size Pumpkaboos have a different cry from the other sizes, and stands at 31" tall. The last two digits of its weight are also 31, possibly a reference to Halloween, which is on 31st October.

Pumpkaboo is bipedal and its legs are pointed, connecting to its roundish body that looks like a pumpkin Two circles are carved out on the front, resembling the typical Halloween Jack-o-lantern. In this pumpkin lives the 'ghost' body, which takes the form of a black creature with yellow eyes and a curled 'stem'. This kind of resembles a bat as noted by some players. This spirit is said to be trapped here in the human world, and lead wandering spirits to the world where they belong. The holes on their body can also be used to release light and lead the way for people in the dark.

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