Pokemon Kids XY Mega Gardevoir Figurine

Pokemon Kids XY Mega Gardevoir Figurine

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This Fairy-type Pokémon surely does resemble one, with its gown-like appearance! In its Mega form, Gardevoir's 'gown' becomes even fuller, and this looks even more adorable on the chibi version of this figurine! Intricate replicated details make Gardevoir's stare seem almost real! Collect together with all the other Pokémon Kids figurines!

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Height: 1.9"

- Plastic

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Gardevoir Biography (Pokémon)

- Gardevoir Bio by Tsunade

Known by the Japanese name of Sirknight, Gardevoir is the second evolution of Ralts at Level 30, with Kirlia being the first at Level 20. Using Gardevoirite also allows it to Mega Evolve to Mega Gardevoir. Despite looking rather feminine in appearance, with its body being likened to some kind of gown, Gardevoir has both male and female genders. It is a Psychic type Pokémon (also a Fairy type from Generation VI onwards).

Aside from its body resembling a gown, which hides long white legs beneath, Gardevoir is also bipedal in appearance and has green hair that makes it look rather humanoid. Spikes on the side of its face make it look as if it is donning a mask. Gardevoir has two horns on its upper torso; a red one on its chest, and a rounder one on its back. With the evolution to Mega Gardevoir, its 'dress' becomes fuller, it turns white with the exception of its green hair, and the spikes on the side of its face start to curl upwards. Another red horn grows on its chest and represents its formidable psychic powers.

Gardevoir is known to be a faithful and even protective Pokémon, as it will go as far as to sacrifice its own life for its Trainer. When it senses that its Trainer is in a dangerous position, it would utilise all its psychic powers to create some sort of black hole as a defense measure. It is due to this that some speculate Gardevoir to almost be like a Guardian Angel, with its long white gown. The word 'Garde' in its name, which means 'guard' in French, also suggests this. Gardevoir can also predict the future with its psychic powers, which also supports its body and allows it to 'float' as it is able to defy gravity.

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