Pokemon Kids XY Heliolisk Figurine

Pokemon Kids XY Heliolisk Figurine

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A vibrant Pokémon inspired by the sun, Heliolisk resembles a frill-necked lizard. Add this to your collection of Pokémon Kids with its fun colour scheme! The details of this figurine, right down to the triangular motifs on its body are replicated in great detail.

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Height: 1.9"

- Plastic

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Heliolisk Biography (Pokémon)

- Heliolisk Bio by Tsunade

Lizard-like in appearance, Heliolisk is the evolved form of Helioptile with the use of the Sun Stone. Its name was inspired by the Greek word for 'sun' (Helios), or possible 'obelisk', which is a tapering monument, which represented the Sun God Ra. Its design is inspired by the frill-necked lizard, sharing the same ability to stretch out that frill. This is another factor of Heliolisk that is linked to the sun, as when flared out, the open frill does resemble a sun around its head. Some have noted its similarity to the spotted salamander with the ability to photosynthesize, which is linked to Heliolisk's ability to convert sunlight to electrical energy.

It is an Electric type Pokémon, and just by flaring the frills on its head, one Heliolisk can generate so much electricity that it can apparently power a skyscraper. This same electricity can be used for muscle stimulation, which can charge it up to much that the strength in its legs can let it run up to 100 yards in 5 seconds.

While Helioptile is mostly yellow and black, Heliolisk takes on a skinnier appearance and has orange accents all around its body. The triangle motif is dominant in Helioptile's design, but is very dominant and repetitive in Heliolisk's, appearing on its thighs and around its neck. Its tail also has an orange band around it, below the black portion. The two ear-like frills on the side of its head becomes the frill collar around its neck.

Heliolisk is pretty popular amongst players, especially with its ability to Surf. While base stats are not exactly impressive beside other offensive Electric Pokémon, Heliolisk has a wide range of moves available to learn, making it an unpredictable enemy in battle. It can deal considerable damage depending on who the opponent is.

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