Pokemon Kids XY Furfrou Figurine

Pokemon Kids XY Furfrou Figurine

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A Pokémon for the Trainers who care about looks, this Poodle Pokémon has thick fluffy fur that can be trimmed into all sorts of different styles! Unfortunately, this figurine only comes in its natural state, but is still irresistibly cute in this chibi form! Entirely white and with its tufts of fur molded intricately, the only parts which are black is its paws and face. Collect with all the other Pokémon Kids figurines today!

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Height: 1.9"

- Plastic

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Weight 0.58 kg

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Furfrou Biography (Pokémon)

- Furfrou Bio by Tsunade

A rather flashy Pokémon modelled after the Poodle in our world, Furfrou is a dog-like Pokémon that does not have any known evolution abilities at this point of time. However, its appeal lies in the many 'styles' it can carry of when brought to Friser Furfrou in Lumiose City, a grooming store that charges 500 Pokédollars for a trim. The different styles are as follows: Star, Diamond, Heart or returning to 'Natural' look at the initial stage, La Reine, Kabuki and Phaorah Trims once the player hits 10 points of style, and the Debutante, Matrong and Dandy trims are available only upon getting 50 points. These trims last 5 days or when Furfrou is deposited into the PC.

The main feature of Furfrou that allows them this flexibility in style is its thick, white fur all over its body. The visible parts of its black body not covered with fur is a sharp-snouted face, long ears (visible in some trim styles), and paws. This thick fur helps with its defence against physical attacks, halving the physical attack damage inflicted by its opponent. While its fur acts as a defence mechanism, trimming it down also makes it swifter. Just like how a dog is faithful, Furfrou is known to guard its Trainer very well. It is known in history to handle the task of guarding Kings in the Kalos region.

The name 'Furfrou' is inspired by the word 'froufrou', which means something fancy. Since it is inspired by the poodle in our world, it wouldn't be a surprise that this Pokémon's main attraction is its fancy fur! It showed off its ability to carry off many different styles in its own Pokémon episode, Grooming Furfrou! Whether it is a useful Pokémon in battle has been a debatable issue, as its defence is a good plus point against certain types of Pokémon which focus on physical attacks, though the lack of useful and unique moves does not make it a main Pokémon for most Trainers.

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