Pokemon Kids XY Aurorus Figurine

Pokemon Kids XY Aurorus Figurine

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The evolved form of the calm and peace-loving Amaura, Aurorus is a dinosaur-like Pokémon that had been extracted from the Sail Fossil. Add this calm creature in shades of blue and yellow to your collection of Pokémon Kids. The details are intricately sculpted on this small figurine no more than 2″ tall!

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Height: 1.9"

- Plastic

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Aurorus Biography (Pokémon)

- Aurorus Bio by Tsunade

Known also by its Japanese name Amaruruga, Aurorus is a Rock / Ice type Pokémon evolved from Amaura when it hits Level 39. Originating in a cold, peaceful land free from attacking predators millions of years ago, Amaura was resurrected from the Sail Fossil in current times. Its character remains peaceful and mild. Largely resembling a dinosaur, it is no surprise that Aurorus was inspired by an actual dinosaur known as Sauropods. These Sauropods had long necks and tails, thick legs and small heads. Alike to Amaura, it is largely blue with a white underbelly. The sail-like structures on Amaura's head extend longer and bigger and reaches its neck when it evolves, making it look as if it is donning the headdress of a medieval queen.

From the two crystals on both sides of Amaura's body, it increases to an entire line of crystals on either side of Aurorus' body, having the same function of pulling down the temperatures to -240ºF. Another crystal adorns the middle of its forehead. Instead of the yellow sails fading into pink, it now fades into a bluish colour similar to the rest of its body. These crystals on Aurorus' body give it the ability to encase their enemies in ice, or create walls of ice as defence. Most players agree that Aurorus and Amaura work better as defence Pokémon, especially with its high base HP, which beats all the other Rock-type Pokémon. Aside from Fight / Steel type Pokémon, it proves to be pretty resistant to most attacks.

One noted ability of Aurorus is the 'Refrigerate' skill, which allows it to change all normal-type attacks to Ice attacks. Another high-potential attack is Snow Warning. While Amaura gets a pretty low rating against Lapras, which it is often compared to, the evolution to Aurorus makes it a much more formidable opponent, getting a very close rating to Lapras'.

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