Pokemon Kids XY Amaura Figurine

Pokemon Kids XY Amaura Figurine

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A Pokémon resurrected from a fossil, Amaura is a calm creature. Add it to your collection of Pokémon figurines! The big eyes are painted on with great skill, as with how the figurine has its long neck and sail-like protusions modelled in detail after that in the series!

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Height: 1.9"

- Plastic

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Amaura Biography (Pokémon)

- Amaura Bio by Tsunade

With the design of its body modelled after the actual dinosaur fossil of Amargasaurus, it isn't surprising that Amaura has a name similar to it, and indeed looks like a dinosaur in appearance. It is a Rock / Ice Pokémon, and was resurrected from a Sail Fossil. Upon reaching level 39, Amaura can evolve into Aurorus when leveled up during the night.

A mild-natured creature, Amaura lived in a peaceful, cold land in the ancient times. A quadruped, it has four legs and a long neck. Its overall appearance is blue, with a white underbelly. There are two sail-like structures extending above its head, which are in a yellow and pink gradient colour. Said to have an iridescent appearance, these sails apparently change according to Amaura's mood. This could be inspired by the Aurora, which Amaura has proven to be able to create. A dark blue crystal that produces very cold temperatures when touched can be found on either side of its body.

Amaura made its first appearance when it was found in ice and revived, during the episode Coming Back into the Cold! Some have associated it with Lapras; unfortunately, Aurora is only an Ice and not Water Pokémon, so it cannot learn Surf, much to the disappointment of most players. A player would probably have to make a choice between Amaura and its counterpart, Tyrunt when entering the Glittering Cave and faced with both the Sail and Jaw Fossil. While most people choose the fierce attacker Tyrunt, Amaura makes a potential opponent once it evolves to Auroras and is able to use moves like Refrigerate, which changes normal type attacks to ice attacks, creating something like an ice beam.

However, Amaura and Auroras have a quadraple weakness against Steel and Fight type Pokémon, which is what makes most people shun away. Getting past that, these two Pokémon are in fact resistant to most types aside from the previous mentioned. It is known for more defence than attack moves, and in its evolved form shows much offensive potential if trained correctly.

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