Pokemon Pokeball Storage Ball

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The standard red and white Poke Ball is considered to be the most iconic item in the Pokemon series. Immediately available at the start of every game, it is mass produced to keep the Pokemon trainers busy. Add to your Pokemon collectibles this fully functional Poke Ball. By pressing the middle button, you can open the Poke Ball up to use for storing small items. Also available are other PokeBall variants such as the Super Ball, Ultra Ball and the rare Master Ball. Collect all four!

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Product Description

- 1x standard Pokeball

- 2.6" diameter

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Poke Ball(Pokemon)

- Poke Ball Bio by Tsunade

Name: Poke Ball
Type: Poke Ball
Buy Price: 200
Sell Price: 100
First Appearance: Generation 1 Games
Catch Rate: 1x

The Poke Ball is the default ball in the Pokemon games and animated series. It is immediately recognizable with its red top and white bottom separated by a black horizontal ring in the middle. It is said to weigh roughly 8 lbs and is the weakest type of Poke Ball available. Being cheap and basic, it has a catch rate multiplier of 1x. Interestingly, the standard Poke Ball has a similar appearance to the Amoonguss, Electrode, Foongus and Voltorb.